India International Islamic
Academic Conference

IICC, New Delhi, 8-9 October 2016

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About SIO

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) is a dynamic student body working in the country for holistic progress and academic excellence.

About Conference

The Ongoing creative involvement of the scholarly zeal in Islamic Academic discourses offers solid crystallization of progressive ideas.

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Concept Note


Islamic Epistemology

Knowledge production houses have always circumvolve around the epistemological foundations. The seeds that germinated and gave rise to the discussions of the sources of knowledge.

Identity Formation

The current political scenario engages with diverse critical approaches over the scope and end of nationalism and nation state with the emergence of various theoretical frameworks.

Civilizational discourses

The domain of Maqāsid al Shari’a (The higher intents of Islamic law) spread over the whole scenarios of civilizational discourses, in which human life can be achieved diverse solutions.

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This conference run 2 days from 08 – 09 October 2016
And The Themes For Following Are

Islamic Epistemology


    1. Foundations of Islamic Epistemology
    2. Engaging Epistemological Discourses
    3. Placing context in Knowledge Tradition
    4. Islamic Perspective on Research Methodology

Identity Formation: Nation State, Civil Society and Islam


  1. Nations Re-imagined: Issues of Citizenship
  2. Nation and Nationalism: Exclusion and Inclusion
  3. Categories of Discrimination: Race, Caste, Gender and Minority
  4. Islamic liberation theology :Retrospect and Prospects
  5. Recapitulating Debates: Ummah , Khilāfah, Islamism, Plurality and Nationhood

Civilizational Discourses in the Light of Maqāsid’alShari’a


  1. Contemplation on Law and Ethics
  2. Developmental Ethics: an Islamic Perspective
  3. Science and Technology: Theoretical and Practical Implications
  4. Inclusive Economic Developmet
  5. Contemporary approaches to Islamic Jurisprudence



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