Islamic Epistemology


  1. Foundations of Islamic Epistemology
  2. Engaging Epistemological Discourses
  3. Placing context in Knowledge Tradition
  4. Islamic Perspective on Research Methodology

 Identity Formation: Nation State, Civil Society and Islam


  1. Nations Re-imagined: Issues of Citizenship
  2. Nation and Nationalism: Exclusion and Inclusion
  3. Categories of Discrimination: Race, Caste, Gender and Minority
  4. Islamic liberation theology :Retrospect and Prospects
  5. Recapitulating Debates: Ummah , Khilāfah, Islamism, Plurality and Nationhood

Civilizational Discourses in the Light of Maqāsid’alShari’a


  1. Contemplation on Law and Ethics
  2. Developmental Ethics: an Islamic Perspective
  3. Science and Technology: Theoretical and Practical Implications
  4. Inclusive Economic Development
  5. Contemporary approaches to Islamic Jurisprudence